ICIUM 2011
ICIUM 2011
Third International Conference for Improving Use of Medicines

Informed Strategies, Effective Policies, Lasting Solutions 

November 14-18, 2011 at the Kervansaray Lara Convention Center & Spa Hotel, Antalya, Turkey 

After postponement from April 2011 in Alexandria, Egypt, the Third International Conference on Improving Use of Medicines (ICIUM 2011) took place in November 2011. Five hundred and ninety three researchers and policy makers from 86 countries gathered in Antalya, Turkey to produce a state-of-the-art consensus on interventions to improve medicines use in non-industrialized countries, to define evidence-based recommendations for program implementation, and to generate global research agendas to fill gaps in knowledge. In addition 262 people attended the live web broadcast sessions at the University of Alexandria, Egypt.  

Over the five days we had 589 posters, 38 plenary presentations and 231 oral track presentations. All this material, as well as the consensus summaries is available to view and download. 

You can search this material in three ways: 

  1. The ICIUM program book and booklet and book of abstracts can be accessed and downloaded from Conference Proceedings.
  2. The posters, abstracts and presentations can be searched using key words, author, title, focus area, health area, or topic by using the search box on the bottom left: The search results can be focused by selecting from the options you will see on the right such as "Document Type," "Author," "Collection" and "Year."
  3. You can browse the conference agenda and session material on Conference Agenda and Session and on finding a session you want more details on you can double click on the session title where the abstracts, posters and presentations will be found.
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Search the posters, abstracts and presentations
using key words, author, title, focus area, health area, or topic by using the search box on the bottom left.

Browse through the conference agenda to download and view abstracts, posters and presentations.
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Download the ICIUM program book, booklet or book of abstracts from the Conference Proceedings.

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