ICIUM 2011
Conference Recommendations
The Conference Recommendations can be downloaded in full here and a summary of the overall proceedings can be downloaded here. The recommendations are divided up among 22 themes and are included under:
  • Medicines Access
  • Medicines Policies
  • Economics
  • Medicines and Non-communicable Diseases
  • Medicines and Child Health
  • Medicines for Malaria
  • Medicines for Tuberculosis
  • Medicines for HIV/AIDS
  • Antimicrobial Resistance
  • Medicines and Health Systems
  • Evidence for Pharmaceutical Policy Decision-Making

Once you have downloaded and saved the recommendations, you can navigate to different themes by opening up bookmarks on the left hand side navigation of the PDF document. To find the various presentations and/or poster numbers, they can be searched for on the website using the Search box located in the left navigation bar.




Theme Summaries