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ICIUM 2004 Recommendations

A rapporteur summarized the state-of-the art knowledge, recommendations for policy and program implementation, and key research questions discussed in each conference session.  On the last day of the conference, the Coordinators of the conference tracks summarized the main recommendations and research gaps identified in their sessions.  The conference closed with presentations synthesizing track summaries across these topic areas.

After the conference, ICIUM 2004 organizers integrated the session reports into summaries on the main themes discussed at the conference, as well as an overall summary of key policy recommendations, the ICIUM 2004 Policy and Program Recommendations.  Please click on the links below to access the overall and individual conference summaries.  Individual conference

summaries contain codes that indicate the sessions in which topics were discussed. 

Please click here for the key to session codes.
ICIUM 2004 Policy and programme recommendations

Endorsement of ICIUM 2004 Policy and programme recommentations

ICIUM 2004 Theme Summaries:

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