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Day 3- April 1, 2004
Early Bird Breakfast Sessions

Early Bird 1: Safe Injection Global Network (SIGN) and Other Efforts to Improve Use of Injections
Moderator: Yvan Hutin, Sophie Logez
1. Impact of the Work of the Safe Injection Global Network (SIGN)
Yvan Hutin
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=507.5 kb
Poster size=770 kb
2. Round Table on Key Elements in a Successful Intervention to Improve Injection Safety
Sophie Logez

Early Bird 2: Monitoring-Training-Planning: A Systems Approach to Improving Prescribing
Moderator: Sri Suryawati
1. Overview of the Monitor-Training-Planning (MTP) Approach
Sri Suryawati
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=458.5 kb
2. Using the MTP Approach to Reduce Inappropriate Use of Antibiotics in Hospitals
Sri Suryawati
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=458.5 kb
Poster size=287 kb
3. The MTP Approach is Effective in Reducing Inappropriate Medicines Use in Hospitals
Sri Suryawati
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=458.5 kb
Poster size=222.5 kb
4. Long-Term Impact of an MTP Approach to Reduce Inappropriate Use of Antibiotics in Acute Respiratory Infections
Intriati Yudatiningsih
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1113 kb
Poster size=150 kb
5. Cambodia Experience: Monitoring-Training-Planning (MTP) to Reduce Inappropriate Medicine Use in Hospitals
Sok Srun
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1690 kb
Poster size=1043.5 kb
6. Lao PDR Experience in Using Monitoring-Training-Planning (MTP) to Reduce Irrational Use of Drugs In Hospitals
Bouathong Sisounthone
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=84.5 kb
Poster size=134.5 kb

Early Bird 3: WHO Essential Medicines Library: A Global Information Resource
Moderator: Shalini Jayasekar
1. Demonstration: WHO Essential Medicines Library
Shalini Jayasekar
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Primary Care - Focus on Health Providers: Plenary
2. Health System Implications of Short Course Antibiotic Treatment
Shamim Qazi, Child and Adult Health Department, WHO
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=188.5 kb
3. Improving Treatment in Private Drug Outlets: Are There Sustainable Approaches?
John Chalker, Management Sciences for Health and INRUD
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=613.5 kb
4. Intervention Experience in Variety Stores in the Philippines
Rainier Galang, National Drug Information Center, Manila, Philippines
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=683.5 kb
5. Intervention Experience in Drug Shops in Tanzania
Margareth Sigonda-Ndomondo, Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority (TFDA), Management Sciences for Health
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=631.5 kb
6. Intervention Experience in Pharmacies in Thailand
Duangtip Hongsamoot, Food and Drug Administration, Thailand Ministry of Public Health
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=761.5 kb
7. Summary of Experiences
John Chalker
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=645.5 kb

Primary Care - Focus on Health Care Providers: Tracks

Access 1: Innovative Public & Private Sector Strategies to Improve Drug Use in Primary Care
Moderator: Isidro Sia
Rapporteur: Keith Johnson
1. Study of Rational Drug Use Profiles in an Non-Government Organization (NGO)-Managed Health Center versus Private Health Practitioners
Subhash Chandra Mandal
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=650.5 kb
Poster size=42 kb
2. Improving Access to Essential Medicines through Public-Private Initiatives: The Case of the Catholic Pharmaceutical Service in Ghana
Enoch Osafo
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1597 kb
Poster size=1008.5 kb
3. Impact of an NGO-Supported Supervisory Program on Quality of Care in Private Drug Shops in Rural East Nepal
Kathleen Holloway
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=150 kb
Poster size=148 kb
4. Impact of the Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation on Drug Prescribing in Primary Health Care
Ramachandran Murali
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=6493 kb
Poster size=139 kb

Access 2: Interventions to Improve Procurement, Drug Management, and Practice
Moderator: Ranjit Roy Chaudhury, Robert S Summers
Rapporteur: Libby Levison
1. Impact of Training in Drug Supply Management (DSM) on DSM, Dispensing Practices, and Patient Knowledge and Care at Primary Health Care (PHC) Clinics
Robert S Summers
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=695 kb
Poster size=418.5 kb
2. Impact Assessment of Supervision on Medicines Management
Birna Trap
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=561.5 kb
Poster size=26 kb
3. Effect of an Educational Intervention on the Drug Purchasing Practices of Local Government Officials in a Decentralized Setting: Quasi-Experimental Study with Control
Noel Juban
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1139 kb
Poster size=113.5 kb
4. Drug Database and Performance Indicators for Utilization Monitoring
Petcharat Pongcharoensuk
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=68 kb
Poster size=133.5 kb

Adult: Improving Prescribing for Adult Health Problems in Primary Care Facilities
Moderator: Thomas McLaughlin, Onesky Aupont
Rapporteur: Ricardo Pérez-Cuevas
1. A Multifaceted Continuing Medical Education Intervention Improves Primary Care Physicians’ Performance in Mexico
Ricardo Perez Cuevas
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=681.5 kb
Poster size=129.5 kb
2. Impact of an Essential Drugs List and Treatment Guidelines on Prescribing in South Africa
Thamizhanban Pillay
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1091 kb
Poster size=561.5 kb
3. Economic Effects of Implementing Treatment Guidelines for Hypertension in Outpatient Practice
Ilyas Kulmagambetov
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=99 kb
Poster size=602 kb
4. Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviour of Prescribers after the Introduction of Antihypertensive Treatment Guidelines in South Africa
Thamizhanban Pillay
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1017.5 kb
Poster size=346.5 kb
5. Impact of Training in Effective Prescribing in Primary Care
Beverly Summers
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=761.5 kb
Poster size=1022.5 kb

AMR: Strategies for Increasing Appropriate Antibiotic Prescribing in Primary Care
Moderator: Mohan Joshi, Andy Gray
Rapporteur: Urmila Thatte
1. Reducing Antibiotic Overuse for ARIs with a Small-Group Educational Intervention
Siti Munawaroh
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=9663.5 kb
Poster size=159.5 kb
2. Effect of Two Dissemination Strategies in Improving Private Practitioners’ Adherence to Evidence-based Practice Guidelines for Urinary Tract Infection in a Developing Country: A Quasi-Experimental Study
Mediadora C Saniel
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1038.5 kb
Poster size=404.5 kb
3. A Prospective Pharmacoepidemiologic Study to Prevent Medication Error and to Improve Prescribing Patterns
Iwan Dwiprahasto
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=5359 kb
4. The Importance of Feedback to Enhance the Impact of Effective Interventions to Reduce Antibiotic Use in Acute Respiratory Infection
Intriati Yudatiningsih
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1165 kb
Poster size=139 kb

Child: Advances in Provision of Primary Care for Children in Different Settings
Moderator: Jonathon Simon
Rapporteur: Kate Laurence
1. Health Reforms at Work: Experiences with the Sector Wide Approach in Zambia (Video)
Rik Peeperkorn
Oral presentation
2. Recent Advances in Provision of Primary Care by Mission Organizations
Lillian Gitau
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=95 kb
Poster size=86.5 kb
3. The Impact of a Face-To-Face Educational Intervention on Improving the Management of ARI in Private Pharmacies and Drug Shops in Uganda
Winifred Adrine Tumwikirize
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=197.5 kb
Poster size=226 kb
4. Small Group Discussion among Paramedics at the Health Center Level to Improve Compliance with Standard Treatment Guidelines for Acute Respiratory Infections
Sri Hidayati
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1170.5 kb
Poster size=302 kb

HIV: Improving Clinician and Patient Use of ARVs
Moderator: Steven Pearson
Rapporteur: Davidson Hamer
1. Promoting Rational Use of Antiretrovirals at Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya
Elizabeth Ogile
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1298.5 kb
2. Evaluation of Antiretroviral Therapy in Zimbabwe Followed by an Educational Intervention to Increase Appropriate Use
Klara Tisocki
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1249.5 kb
Poster size=230.5 kb

Malaria: Improving Malaria Treatment in Public and Private Sector Settings
Moderator: Catherine Goodman
Rapporteur: Susan Zimicki
1. Drug Management for Malaria in the Lebombo Spatial Development Initiative (LSDI) Region of Southern Africa
Karen Barnes
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1943 kb
Poster size=1016.5 kb
2. Investigating Competition and Regulation in the Retail Market for Malaria Treatment in Rural Tanzania
Catherine Goodman
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1641.5 kb
Poster size=1636.5 kb
3. The Malaria Fact Card Project
Peter Keilgast
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=2438.5 kb
Poster size=1498.5 kb
4. A Comparison of Prescribing Practices in Public and Private Sectors in Uganda
Celestino Obua
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=197 kb
Poster size=210.5 kb
5. Improving Chloroquine Prescribing in Private Clinics in Lagos State, Nigeria
Rametu Momodu
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1254 kb
Poster size=679.5 kb

TB: Improving Use of Medicines in Complex Cases or Resource Poor Settings
Moderator: Jintana Ngamvithayapong-Yanai
Rapporteur: Akihiro Seita
1. Improving the Use of Medications to Treat Complex Health Problems in Resource-Poor Settings: Community-Based Examples from Haiti and Peru
Jennifer J Furin
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1575.5 kb
Poster size=1634.5 kb
2. Development and Evaluation of Software to Support Prescribing and Drug Supply Management in the Treatment of MDR-TB in Peru
Hamish Fraser
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=510.5 kb
Poster size=711.5 kb
3. Socioeconomic Position and Adherence to Tuberculosis Treatment: A Case-Control Study
Pranaya Mishra
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=590 kb
Poster size=58.5 kb
4. Can Research-Based Educational Material Increase Adherence to Tuberculosis Treatment among People with AIDS?
Jintana Ngamvithayapong-Yanai
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=3387 kb
Poster size=2529.5 kb
5. Anti-TB Drug Resistance in the World: The WHO/IUATLD Global Project on Anti-TB Drug Resistance Surveillance
Akihiro Seita
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=899 kb

Primary Care - Focus on Community: Plenary
6. Issues in Implementing National Change in Preferred Therapy for Malaria
Peter Bloland, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=996 kb
7. Commentary: Global Access Campaigns, National Medicines Guidelines, and Appropriate Use
Karen Barnes, Division of Pharmacology, University of Capetown
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=7019 kb
8. Community-based Interventions to Improve Use of Medicines: Framework and Impacts
Anita Hardon, University of Amsterdam
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=15766.5 kb

Primary Care - Focus on Community: Tracks

Access 1: Regulatory Issues and Preventing Misuse of Medicines
Moderator: Keith Johnson, Sauwakon Ratanawijitrasin
Rapporteur: Andrew Herxheimer
1. Accessibility, Pattern of Use and Implications of Restricted Availability of Medicines for Treatment of Substance Abuse in a Tertiary Level Health Care Center in North Eastern India
Amit Chakrabarti
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=529 kb
Poster size=526 kb
2. Effect of a Regulatory Intervention on Drug Availability in Nepal
Gorkha Bahadur Dangechhetri
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=116 kb
Poster size=83.5 kb
3. Reducing Codeine Cough Syrup Medicine Consumption to Control Codeine Abuse in Thailand
Naiyana Patcharapisarn
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1261 kb
Poster size=717 kb
4. The Inappropriate Sale of Medication for Paediatric Use in Siem Reap Province,Cambodia
Tiv Sothearith
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1037 kb
Poster size=674 kb

Access 2: Microeconomic Issues in Drug Use: User Fees and Physician Incentives
Moderator: Ebba Holme Hansen
Rapporteur: Birna Trap
1. The Practice of Dispensing Prescribers: A Threat to Appropriate Medicines Use?
Birna Trap
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1123 kb
Poster size=1227.5 kb
2. Pharmacy Practices of Dispensing Doctors in Zimbabwe
Ebba Holme Hansen
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1050 kb
Poster size=1067.5 kb
3. Impact on Prescribing Patterns of a Fee per Drug Unit versus a Fee per Drug Item
Kathleen Holloway
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=95.5 kb
Poster size=81 kb
4. Impact of a Cost Sharing Drug Supply Scheme on the Quality of Care in Public Primary Health Care Facilities in Rural Eastern Nepal
Kathleen Holloway
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=126.5 kb
Poster size=90 kb
5. New Cost Sensitivity Measures to Assess the Impact of User Fees on Physicians' Treatment Choices
Christine Huttin
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=300 kb

Access 3: Impacts of Community Revolving Funds and Drug Franchises
Moderator: Anita Hardon, Susan Whyte
Rapporteur: Isidro Sia
1. Improving Access and Use of Medicines through Private Sector Initiatives: A Case for an Essential Medicines Franchise in Ghana.
Kwesi Emmanuel Eghan
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=6071 kb
Poster size=144.5 kb
2. Accredited Drug Dispensing Outlets: Improving Access to Quality Drugs and Services in Rural and Peri-Urban Areas with Few or No Pharmacies
Margareth Sigonda-Ndomondo
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1459 kb
Poster size=392.623046875 kb
3. Impact of a Revolving Drug Fund on Availability of Essential Medicines in Church Health Institutions in Tanzania
Marsha Macatta-Yambi
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=744 kb
4. Do Village Revolving Funds Improve Access and Rational Use of Drugs in Lao PDR?
Maryam Bigdeli
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=662.5 kb
Poster size=91.5 kb

Adult: Consumer Knowledge, Motivation and Behavior in Using Medications
Moderator: Ricardo Pérez-Cuevas
Rapporteur: Ramachandran Murali
1. Impact of a Public Education Program on Promoting Rational Use of Medicines: A Household Survey in the South District of Tehran, 2002–2003
Shadan Darbooy
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1121.5 kb
Poster size=310 kb
2. Consumers’ Motivation in Responding to Prescription Drug Advertising
Nithima Sumpradit
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=456.5 kb
Poster size=113.5 kb
3. Care Seeking and Treatment for Adults with URIs in Congested Communities in Bangkok: Where Problems Occur
Siritree Suttajit
Poster size=279.5 kb
4. Reading and Understanding a Medicine Leaflet by Adolescent Consumers and its Determinants
Siriporn Burapadaja
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=277 kb
Poster size=64.5 kb
5. Self-Medication with Antibiotics for Reproductive Tract Infections in Lao PDR: Use, Attitudes and Understanding of Information
Amphoy Sihavong
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=646 kb
Poster size=113 kb
6. Assessment of Consumer Drug Knowledge In Addis Ababa: A Cross-Sectional Survey
Tenaw Andualem
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1044 kb
Poster size=616.5 kb
7. Using a Poster Competition to Promote Rational Drug Use in the Community
Husniah Rubiana Th-Akib
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=5993 kb
Poster size=1907 kb

AMR/Access: Educational & Regulatory Approaches to Improve Drug Use in Private Pharmacies
Moderator: John Chalker, Urmila Thatte
Rapporteur: Mohan Joshi
1. Improving Private Pharmacy Practice: A Multi-Intervention Experiment in Hanoi, Vietnam
Mattias Larsson
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=2201.5 kb
2. Private Pharmacy Practice and Regulation: A Randomized Trial in Lao PDR
Lamphone Syhakhang
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1027 kb
Poster size=73 kb
3. The Effect of Educational Activity on the Practices of Drug Sellers in a Province in the Philippines
Rainier Galang
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=340.5 kb
Poster size=334 kb
4. Effectiveness of a Multi-Component Intervention on Dispensing Practices at Private Pharmacies in Vietnam and Thailand: A Randomized Controlled Trial
John Chalker
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=634 kb
Poster size=247 kb

Child/AMR: Empowering Community Groups to Improve Use of Medications
Moderator: Rodolfo Dennis
Rapporteur: Kate Laurence
1. Resistance Ranger: Teaching Schoolchildren about Antimicrobial Resistance
Stephen Lerner
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=2245 kb
2. Involving Students in the Reduction of Unnecessary Antibiotic Use for Colds and Flu in Moldova
Natalia Cebotarenco
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1367.5 kb
3. A Formative Study to Design an Intervention Involving Mothers, Drug Vendors and Health Workers in a Self-Process of Behavioral Change for Rational Drug Use in ARI Treatment
Pham Huy Dung
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=534 kb
Poster size=533 kb
4. Children as Health Information Carriers: An “Edutainment” Intervention Concerning Rational Use of Antibiotics
Charlotte Kristiansson
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=2314 kb
5. Community Intervention to Promote Rational Treatment of Acute Respiratory Infection in Rural Nepal
Shiba B Karkee
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=184.5 kb
Poster size=107 kb

Malaria: Community Response to Interventions to Improve Malaria Treatment
Moderator: Irene Agyepong
Rapporteur: Catherine Goodman
1. Improving Adherence to Malaria Treatment for Children: The Use of Pre-Packaged Chloroquine Tablets versus Chloroquine Syrup.
Evelyn Ansah
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1260.5 kb
Poster size=73 kb
2. Health Seeking for Malaria before and after the Implementation of a Community-Based Health Worker Treatment Strategy: Implications for Providing Timely and Appropriate Treatment in Rural Nigeria
Obinna Onwujekwe
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=127 kb
Poster size=127.5 kb
3. Household Adoption of the New Antimalarial Drug Policy in Tanzania: Major Changes in Treatment Practices
Jaran Eriksen
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=528 kb
Poster size=2898.5 kb
4. Impact of an Intervention Program for the Treatment of Malaria in Children in Papua New Guinea
Vivian Bruce Sunderland
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=322 kb
Poster size=162 kb

TB: DOTS: Evidence about Program Design and Effectiveness
Moderator: Korngamon Rookkapan
Rapporteur: Jintana Ngamvithayapong-Yanai
1. Introduction
Jintana Ngamvithayapong -Yanai
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=33082 kb
2. Lessons Learned About Design and Impact of DOTS Programs
Gini Arnold, Akihiro Seita
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=125.5 kb
3. Community Pharmacists Monitoring of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Outpatients (Preliminary Study)
Usasiri Srisakul
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1313 kb
Poster size=769.5 kb
4. Comparison Between Treatment Outcomes of TB Patients Treated in DOTs Centres and in the Community in Afghanistan
Giampaolo Mezzabotta
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=12582 kb
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