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Day 2- March 31, 2004
Early Bird Breakfast Sessions

Early Bird 1: Towards Evidence-based Drug Policies - Experiences from Laos
Moderator: Rolf Wahlström
1. Health Services Research and National Drug Policy: An Overview
Rolf Wahlström
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=411.5 kb
2. HSR as a Tool in Formulating the National Drug Policy
Chanthakhath Paphassarang
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=80 kb
3. HSR in Strengthening the Implementation of the NDP
Lamphone Syhakhang
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=49 kb
4. HSR in Steering the NDP
Sivong Sengaloundeth
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=49 kb

Early Bird 2: WHO Drug Use Indicators Database: A Global Resource for Research
Moderator: Kathleen Holloway, Verica Ivanovska
1. Discussion of Data Extraction Methods in the WHO Drug Use Research Database
Verica Ivanovska
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=3044 kb
2. Using the WHO Drug Use Research Database for Longitudinal Analyses
Kathleen Holloway
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=3044 kb

Early Bird 3: QU4RAD: Quality Network for Rational Drug Management
Moderator: Reinhard Huss, Jawahar Bapna
1. Overview of QU4RAD: An Electronic Network Promoting Information Exchange to Improve Use of Medicines
Reinhard Huss
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1543.5 kb

National Policies & Programs: Plenary
2. Experiences with Insurance Coverage of Medicines in the Philippines
Madeleine Valera, Philippines Health Insurance Corporation
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=2639.5 kb
3. Experiences with Insurance Coverage of Medicines in Peru
Amelia Villar, DIGEMID, National Drugs Directorate, Peru Ministry of Health
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1343.5 kb
4. Experiences with Insurance Coverage of Medicines in Ghana
Kwesi Emmanuel Eghan, Management Sciences for Health (SEAM Ghana)
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=592.5 kb
5. Insurance Coverage of Medicines: Opportunities and Challenges
Sauwakon Ratanawijitrasin, Drug System Research Program, Chulalongkorn University
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=674 kb
6. The Challenge to Preserve Effective Antibacterial Treatment for the Future: Experiences from STRAMA (Swedish Strategic Programme for the Rational Use of Antibiotics)
Otto Cars, Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=18419.5 kb

National Policies & Programs: Tracks

Access 1: Pharmaceutical Regulation, Drug Quality, and Access to Essential Medicines
Moderator: Budiono Santoso
Rapporteur: David Lee
1. Prequalification of HIV/AIDS Products and Manufacturers as Part of the Procurement, Quality, and Sourcing Project: Access to HIV/AIDS Drugs of Acceptable Quality
Adriaan J Van Zyl
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=672 kb
Poster size=529.5 kb
2. Operational Guide to Improve Drug Quality in Low-Income Countries
Souly Phanouvong
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=899 kb
3. Quality Assurance of Medicines under the Universal Health Coverage Program in Thailand
Siriwat Tiptaradol
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=146 kb
Poster size=90.5 kb

Access 2: Implementing National Drug Policies
Moderator: Anthony Smith, Göran Tomson
Rapporteur: Suzanne Hill
1. Evaluating Australia's National Strategy for Quality Use of Medicines: Results of Indicator Measurements 1992-2003
Libby Roughead
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1875.5 kb
Poster size=93.13671875 kb
2. Does Drug Use Evaluation (DUE) Required by National Policy Improve Use of Medicines?
Chutima Akaleephan
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1134 kb
Poster size=124.5 kb
3. Building the National Drug Policy on Evidence: Assessing Implementation in Lao PDR
Chanthakhath Paphassarang
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1232 kb
Poster size=56 kb
4. The Role of a Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Sector Development Programme in Improving Rational Use of Drugs: The Ghana Example
David Ofori-Adjei
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=543.5 kb
Poster size=82 kb
5. Impact of Implementation of the Delhi Drug Policy on Availability, Accessibility, Quality of Drugs and Prescribing Patterns (1995-2002)
Ranjit Roy Chaudhury
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=103 kb

Access 3: Impacts of Insurance Coverage on Use and Cost of Drugs
Moderator: Anita Wagner, Madeleine Valera
Rapporteur: Sallie Anne Pearson
1. Accessibility to Inhaled Corticosteroids among Adults with Chronic Asthma: An Impact of the Universal Health Care Coverage Policy
Chulaporn Limwattananon
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=91.5 kb
Poster size=94.5 kb
2. Use of Automated Claims Data in the Kyrgyzstan Outpatient Drug Benefit Program to Evaluate Medicine Pricing Trends Plus Access and Equity among Benificiaries
Ainura Ibraimova
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=3482.5 kb
3. Changes in Antiretroviral Therapy and in Outcomes of HIV/AIDS Patients in Taiwan before and after a New HIV/AIDS Therapy Reimbursement Scheme
Hong-Jen Chang
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=518 kb
Poster size=286.5 kb
4. The Impact on Cost of Care and Use of Medicines of Expanded Drug Coverage via a Positive List in the Philippines
Jose Acuin
5. Kyrgyzstan Outpatient Drug (OPD) Benefit Program: Use Of Automated Claims Data to Evaluate the Impact of the OPD Benefit Program on Rational Drug Prescribing by Physicians and Generic Drug Use by Patients (Abstract AC123)
Ninell Kadyrova
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=3688.5 kb

Adult: Impacts of National Policies and Programs on Prescribing
Moderator: Thomas McLaughlin, Hans Hogerzeil
Rapporteur: James Roberts
1. Impact of Creation of a Directorate of Rational Drug Use in the Sultanate of Oman on Rational Prescribing, Dispensing, and Use of Drugs
Brian Conroy Gunn
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=4878 kb
Poster size=562 kb
2. Third National Survey on the Use of Drugs in Namibia’s Public Health Institutions, Including Monitoring the Implementation of the National Drug Policy
Jennie Lates
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=174.5 kb
Poster size=333 kb
3. Impact of Introduction of Statins to the Private and State Sectors in Sri Lanka on Utilization, Cost, and Prescription Pattern
Priyadarshani Galappatthy
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=143.5 kb
Poster size=122 kb

AMR: National Policy Issues in Improving Antibiotic Use
Moderator: Otto Cars, Andy Gray
Rapporteur: Thomas Lund Sorensen
1. Implementation and Outcomes of a 5-Year Intervention Program to Improve Use of Antibiotics in Respiratory Tract Infections in Primary Care
Judith Mackson
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1664.5 kb
Poster size=4755 kb
2. Impact of Regulatory Measures on Antibiotic Sales in Chile
Angela Cabello
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1601.5 kb
Poster size=617.5 kb
3. Improving Antibiotic Use through a Nationwide Decentralized Project—A Nine-Year Experience
Otto Cars
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=232 kb
Poster size=258.5 kb
4. Decreased Inappropriate Antibiotic Use following a Korean National Policy to Prohibit Medication Dispensing by Physicians
Sylvia Park
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=657.5 kb
Poster size=229 kb

Child: National Policies to Promote Child Health; Equity and Effectiveness
Moderator: Jon Simon, Pham Huy Dung
Rapporteur: Kate Laurence
1. Implications for National Policy: Are 3 Days of Oral Antibiotic Therapy Enough for Treatment of Ambulatory Pneumonia in Children?
Tabish Hazir
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=672.5 kb
Poster size=117.5 kb
2. IMCI - Has the Approach Improved Access and Quality of Care?
Shamim Qazi
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=161.5 kb
3. Improving Community Drug Use Focusing on Hospital Out-Patient Departments through Peer Review and Implementation of Guidelines for ARI Treatment
Pham Huy Dung
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=531.5 kb
Poster size=529.5 kb
4. Recent Advances in Provision of Primary Care in Private Drug Sellers and Shops
Catherine Goodman
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=3017.5 kb

Malaria: National Policy Issues on Improving Malaria Treatment
Moderator: Krongthong Thimasarn
Rapporteur: Peter Bloland
1. The Costs of Implementing a Change in Drug Policy: The Case of Combination Therapy for Malaria
Jo-Ann Mulligan
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1209 kb
2. The Impact of Large Scale Rectal Artesunate Deployment in the Initial Management of Non Per Os III in under-five Children in Ghana
Margaret Gyapong
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=4833 kb
Poster size=98 kb
3. Artemisinin Based Combination Therapy for Malaria in Cambodia: How Well is it Being Implemented?
Shun May Yeung
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=4465.5 kb
4. Enhancing the Rational Use of Antimalarials: The Cost-Effectiveness of Rapid Immunochromatographic Dipsticks in Subsaharan Africa
Samuel Shillcutt
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=632.5 kb
Poster size=127 kb
5. The Development of Novel Pharmacovigilance Methods in Public Health Programs in South Africa
Ushma Mehta
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1699.5 kb

TB: National TB Treatment Systems: Promises and Pitfalls
Moderator: Syed Karam Shah
Rapporteur: Akihiro Seita
1. Community-Based Tuberculosis Care in Achieving High Case Detection and Cure Rates in Bangladesh
Md. Akramul Islam
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=2075.5 kb
2. Assessment Survey of TB Drug Management in Cambodia
Yuta Uchiyama
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=352.5 kb
Poster size=183.5 kb
3. Pitfalls in Quality of and Management Systems for Antituberculosis Drugs in Southern Thailand
Korngamon Rookkapan
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1948.5 kb
4. DOTS in Afghanistan: Logistics Aspects
Emanuele Tacconi
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1197.5 kb
5. Introduction of Fixed Dose Combinations: National TB Control Programme (NTP) Policies and Experiences
Syed Karam Shah
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1311.5 kb
Poster size=1101.5 kb

Hospitals & Inpatient Care: Plenary
6. Innovative Strategies to Improve Prescribing: the Pleasant Journey from Field-test to Institutional Program
Sri Suryawati, Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Gadjah Mada University
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=892 kb
7. Improving Antibiotic Policies and Infection Control to Decrease Antimicrobial Resistance in Hospital Settings
Stephan Harbarth, Infection Control Program, Geneva University Hospital
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=5347 kb
8. How Commercial Promotion Affects the Use of Medicines:from Evidence to Action
Andrew Herxheimer
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=568 kb

Hospitals & Inpatient Care: Tracks

Access 1: Role of Drug and Therapeutic Committees in Improving Use
Moderator: Richard Laing
Rapporteur: Andrew Herxheimer
1. Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committees in Thai Hospitals under Health Reform
Araya Sripairoj
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=296 kb
Poster size=160.5 kb
2. Promoting Drug and Therapeutics Committees in the Developing World
Kathleen Holloway
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=558.5 kb
Poster size=540.5 kb
3. Drug and Therapeutics Committees in Moldova
Natalia Cebotarenco
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1026 kb
4. Establishing Effective Hospital Drug and Therapeutics Committees: A Situational Analysis
Chiratidzo Ndhlovu
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=83 kb
Poster size=97 kb
5. Evidence, Cost and Decision Making Criteria Used by Provincial Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committees in South Africa
Thamizhanban Pillay
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1098 kb
Poster size=358.5 kb
6. Improving Performance of Drug and Therapeutics Committees in Lao PDR
Chu Vang
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=924 kb
Poster size=919 kb

Access 2: Encouraging the Prescribing of Generic Drugs in Hospitals
Moderator: Jonathan Quick, David Ofori-Adjei
Rapporteur: David Lee
1. Improving Economic Prescribing in a Teaching Hospital through an Educational Strategy to Promote Generic Prescribing
Premjit Suttipoom
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=858.5 kb
Poster size=426 kb
2. Assessing the Effect of Two Policy Interventions on Treatment Costs and Drug Use Patterns in a Private Self Funding Healthcare Institution in Nairobi: The Case of Generic Prescribing and Generic Substitution
Mary Atieno Ojoo
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1574.5 kb
Poster size=1544 kb
3. The Effects of Managerial Intervention on Drug Prescribing Patterns at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital
Wacharee Limpanathikul
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=779 kb
Poster size=126 kb
4. Rapid Penetration of Cox2 Inhibitors in the Non-Steroidal Antiinflammatory Drug Market: An Implication for Hospital Cost Containment Policies
Supon Limwattananon
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=191.5 kb
Poster size=137 kb
5. A Longitudinal Policy Analysis of the Impact on Prescribing Patterns and Medication Cost of a Generic Dispensing Policy in a Teaching Hospital in Thailand
Wimon Anansakunwatt
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1291 kb
Poster size=1349 kb

Access 3: Economics of Pharmaceuticals in Hospitals
Moderator: Suzanne Hill
Rapporteur: Petcharat Pongcharoensuk
1. ABC Analysis in Hospitals of the National Capital Territory of Delhi: Impact of Drug Policy
Naresh Khanna
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1169.5 kb
Poster size=236.5 kb
2. Assessment of Local Purchase of Pharmaceuticals at Public Health Facilities
Bambang Saparyono
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1003 kb
Poster size=1003 kb
3. Improving Rational Use through Efficient Procurement. Review of the Existing Evidence Base to Guide Essential Medicine Procurement
Libby Levison
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=542.5 kb
Poster size=32.5 kb
4. Economic Analysis of Drug Expenditure in the Government Medical College Hospital, Nagpur, India
V R Thawani
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=2100.5 kb
Poster size=2100.5 kb
5. Pharmacoepidemiological Monitoring Helps in Reducing Neuroleptic-Induced Extrapyramidal Disorders at the Psychiatric Clinical Hospital in Tatarstan
Lilia Ziganshina
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=208 kb
Poster size=112.5 kb
6. Impact of an Educational Intervention on Prescribing Behaviour and Cost of Therapy in Bronchial Asthma in Colony Hospitals of Delhi
Anita Kotwani
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1393 kb
Poster size=1378 kb
7. The Impact of Continuous Medical Education on Prescribing Habits in Mission Hospitals in Kenya
John Kiambuthi
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=158.5 kb
Poster size=60.5 kb
8. An Intervention to Improve Antibiotic Prescribing Habits of Doctors in a Teaching Hospital
Francis Ofei
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=602 kb
Poster size=747 kb
9. A Prescribing Curriculum for Australian Medical Students
Anthony Smith
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=637.5 kb
Poster size=1079 kb

11. Cambodia Experience: Monitoring-Training-Planning (MTP) to Reduce Inappropriate Medicine Use in Hospitals
Chroeng Sokhan
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1464.5 kb
Poster size=1043.5 kb

AMR: Improving Antibiotic Use in Hospitals
Moderator: Kurien Thomas, Visanu Thamlikitkul
Rapporteur: Stephan Harbarth
1. Infection Control, Quality Improvement and Improving Use of Medicines
Marissa Alejandria
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=22533 kb
Poster size=38 kb
2. Using the MTP Approach to Reduce Inappropriate Use of Antibiotics in Hospitals: Results of the Field Test
Sri Suryawati
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=559 kb
Poster size=287 kb
3. Evolving Systems for Promoting Rational Drug Use in Public Health Facilities in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Mariam Cassimjee
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=463.5 kb
Poster size=149 kb
4. Multi-Center Indicator Intervention Research on Surgical Prophylaxis in 2 Hospitals in China
Wang Qing
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1209.5 kb
Poster size=134 kb
5. Improvement of Parenteral Antibiotic Use in a University Hospital in Colombia
Rodolfo Dennis
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=2389.5 kb
Poster size=274 kb

Child: Issues in Improving Care for Children in Hospital Settings
Moderator: Shally Awasthi
Rapporteur: Kate Laurence
1. Treatment of Severe Pneumonia with Oral Antibiotics
Juan M Lozano
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=161.5 kb
Poster size=84 kb
2. Treatment of Severe Malaria: How Will Hospitals Cope with Changes in National Malaria Treatment Policy?
Karen Barnes
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=788.5 kb
3. Infection Control, Quality Improvement and Improving Use of Medicines
Regina Berba
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=2181.5 kb
Poster size=38 kb

HIV: National Policy Issues in HIV Treatment
Moderator: Jim Sabin
Rapporteur: Steve Pearson
1. Access to Anti-Retroviral Drugs: PHA Non-Rational Approach to Inappropriate Treatment
Chanida Palanuvej
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=293.5 kb
Poster size=121 kb
2. Implementation of the Brazilian HIV/AIDS Antiretroviral Program at a Public Health Post: Adherence to Prescribing Guidelines and Treatment Continuity
Ellie Carmody
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1144 kb
Poster size=101 kb
3. Guiding Principles for Pharmacists in the Fight against HIV/AIDS in India
Prafull D Sheth
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=34132 kb
Poster size=585.3779296875 kb
4. How Fixed-Dose Combinations Improve the Rational Use of Antiretroviral Therapy
Fernando Pascual
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=442 kb

Malaria: Improving Use of Antimalarial Drugs in Hospitals
Moderator: Irene Agyepong
Rapporteur: Susan Zimicki
1. An Educational Intervention on Rational Prescribing of Chloroquine in the Management of Uncomplicated Malaria in Lagos State General Hospitals, Nigeria
Bolajoko Aina
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1795 kb
Poster size=818 kb
2. Change in Malaria Treatment Policy: A Study of its Immediate Effects on Hospital Malaria Drug Management, Utilization of Hospital Facilities, and Prescription Behavior in District Hospitals of Uganda
Paul Waako
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=453 kb
Poster size=357.5 kb
3. Effectiveness of Feedback for Improving Case Management of Malaria, Diarrhea, and Pneumonia: A Randomized Controlled Trial at a Provincial Hospital in Lao PDR
Sengchanh Kounnavong
Oral presentation Powerpoint size=1705.5 kb
Poster size=71.5 kb
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